Health and Safety Program Management


Enable Your Team with Personalized Automated Online Tools 

Welcome to HSE Workflows, your source for subscription-based DFY (Done-For-You) solutions that streamline Health and Safety Management Systems (HSMS).

Our on-demand service provides essential HSE management tools for construction projects with no software purchases required.

Enjoy the flexibility of using our service only when needed, with automatic termination at project completion.

Tools for your Project

Turnkey systems that eliminate the fragmented process of managing your project through e-mail, attachments, spreadsheet versions and voicemail!

Lose the anxiety of managing a reactive program!

Project Onboarding

Lose the spreadsheets, paper quizzes and endless email attachments!

  • Eliminate manual entry
  • Accessible online
  • Automated orientations
  • Turnkey project orientations, quizzes and documentation capture

Risk Register Creation

Consolidate your Project JHA's with your subcontractors in one place!

  • Single point of truth for Project Risk assessments
  • Eliminate versions of JHA's/SWP's
  • Easily develop project specific plans going forward
  • Merge subcontractor assessments to create Project level documentation

Form Automation

Have subcontractors complete forms that auto-populate in your system!

  • Supply e-forms for subcontractor use that feed into your automated system, without sharing safety platforms
  • Easily generate and distribute reports 
  • No tablets or training required
  • Inspections, DFR's, BBO's, Meeting minutes, ...

Frustrated with constant rework?

Find out how we can help, take the first step towards optimization

Project Dashboards

Distribute plans, post notifications and monitor project KPI's!

  • Single point of truth for project
  • Permission based access, share to select stakeholders or entire project
  • Eliminate endless information requests
  • Post current plans, permits and information

Company Dashboards

Keep everyone aware of data, automatically!

  • Visibility throughout the company
  • Permission levels for accessing documentation
  • Eliminate siloed information
  • Automated information and reporting

Program Migration

Lose the paper, streamline your program!

  • Lower resource and data re-entry requirements
  • Migrate to an online system
  • Automate your reporting

Have an Upcoming Project?

Automate your project onboarding and reduce your required resources and costs.

Benefits of working with Us

Lower resource requirements

  • No software to purchase and train on, we're subscription based.
  • Online custom workflows that are built specifically to your HSMS.
  • Cancel anytime, we'll consolidate your data and generate a final report.

Increase Productivity

  • Stop re-entering and transferring field data
  • Automated gathering of field data, ready for reporting to multiple stakeholders
  • Turnkey processes optimize efficiency, accuracy, and productivity while leveraging technology and expertise to meet regulatory requirements

Slash Costs

  • Minimize short term staff requirements
  • Eliminate retraining of short term staff
  • Stop adding and maintaining ad-hoc elements for every project

Frustrated with Reporting?

Struggling to assemble and compile month end report data from subcontractors?

Automate your project reporting with our online service.

What our clients say 

Use technology to help advance your HSE program

Shannon Caron


If you’re struggling with how you can use technology to help advance your HSE program, then Doug most certainly can help you advance this forward.

functional automated workflows and client-based reporting

Anthony Del Mastro, P.Eng.


The rare ability to utilize decades of experience and implement those learnings into functional automated workflows and client-based reporting are what I believe allowed us to be successful from not only a Health and Safety perspective but a project perspective.

custom workflows and health and safety management systems

Stavros Salmas, P.Eng.


The implementation of custom workflows and health and safety management systems ensured that both the Client requirements was exceeded and that the Company saved on resource costs and time.

Don't know where to begin?


Does HSE Workflows sell safety software?

No. We do have partnership agreements with several platforms that we use in our workflows, but these are interchangeable with multiple programs that our clients use.

Can HSE Workflows work remotely to replace staff short term?

Yes. Although there are certain tasks that we can't perform (in person meeting minutes, travel to remote sites) that must be redistributed to other staff, we will be available online, working in parallel with your HSE team. Because we specialize in HSE program management, we provide great value when compared to the process of hiring temporary staff for short term requirements.

Do we have to change our current software platform?

No. HSE Workflows works to connect your current platforms together if possible. We connect your current programs together to generate the results that you need, which builds value and confidence in your HSE team.

Do we have to give access to our internal database?

No. We'll share an online portal to your company where you load the requested documentation so that we can have access to build the workflows remotely. If you can copy and paste, you'll be fine. Don't worry, we can share the work across individuals on your team, connecting to a common portal so that everyone can see where we're at.

Once the workflows are built, we'll review the processes, the requirements and implementation.

Does HSE Workflows provide Turnkey processes for Projects?

Yes. Onboarding, Administration, Reporting and Distribution workflow design and implementation for your next project, HSE Workflows works with projects of all sizes and requirements. All of our processes are designed to be project friendly, with turnkey application.

Can HSE Workflows migrate my paper system to digital?

Yes. HSE Workflows can migrate a paper based program to a cloud based digital platform. We'll take your current documentation, rewrite on a digital platform, build the forms you require, load a database for your workers and equipment, and help your team implement the platform with your workers.

About Us

Doug Lillo, CRSP

With over 35 years of industrial construction experience, I possess a wealth of insights into anticipating safety program management issues. 

I understand the intricacies of Health and Safety program management. Discerning what strategies are effective and what are simply "Bells and Whistles".

My aim is to enhance accuracy, streamline administrative processes, and ultimately reduce overall costs for my clients.