To make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource).



Optimize your program,

Lose the anxiety.

You're tired of the anxiety of operating a "Reactive" program where you're constantly updating, reworking and re-entering your safety data to meet requirements?

Frustrated by having to constantly search for documents that are scattered throughout files and folders with multiple versions being used and no control over inputs and revisions?

Struggling to assemble and report to stakeholders, auditors and compliance sites?

HSE Workflows works with your HSE team to develop and implement workflows and processes that are specific to your program and resources.



Optimize your platform, Build your confidence.

With a paper based system, you'll be forced to recognize that your system has a built in time delay due to having to distribute forms, have staff complete and submit, compile the forms and gather, summarize and report what information you can from them.

This process will contain issues such as availability of current forms; illegible entries; incomplete entries, submission availability; requirements for submission; re-entry of data for reporting, formatting issues,... 



Rapid Growth vs Compliance

Congratulations on the successful bid! Now the work begins for your HSE team developing PSSP's, ERP's, Onboarding, Training,...

This sudden upswing in workload puts pressure on your team to meet project specific requirements that may be more than they can accomplish. Hiring short term project staff is time consuming and you hope the new members will be able to develop into a great team, performing all required tasks while working with resources that are limited and not usually ideal for the task.

If you’re struggling with how you can use technology to help advance your HSE program,... "

Doug has an excellent attention to detail and has a great ability to look at a current flow or how a companies safety program is applied and improve it by applying process and logic. His suggestions for improvement to Michels Canada hazard assessment process have made the way we conduct hazard assessments more efficient and consistent in our organization.

Shannon Caron  //  Director, HSE Michels Canada

You already have the required elements, but you have to configure their outputs so that they work together.  

We specialize in building structured, scalable health and safety processes that are unique to each client, optimized to produce meaningful results when and where you need them.

We design and develop workflows using the elements that you currently have in place, or if required, develop and implement a system that connects all your current platforms together!


Does HSE Workflows sell safety software?

No. We do have partnership agreements with several platforms that we use in our workflows, but these are interchangeable with multiple programs that our clients use.

Can HSE Workflows work remotely to replace staff short term?

Yes. Although there are certain tasks that we can't perform (in person meeting minutes, travel to remote sites) that must be redistributed to other staff, we will be available online, working in parallel with your HSE team. Because we specialize in HSE program management, we provide great value when compared to the process of hiring temporary staff for short term requirements.

Do we have to change our current software platform?

No. HSE Workflows works to connect your current platforms together if possible. We connect your current programs together to generate the results that you need, which builds value and confidence in your HSE team. 

Do we have to give access to our internal database?

No. We'll share an online portal to your company where you load the requested documentation so that we can have access to build the workflows remotely. If you can copy and paste, you'll be fine. Don't worry, we can share the work across individuals on your team, connecting to a common portal so that everyone can see where we're at.

Once the workflows are built, we'll review the processes, the requirements and implementation. 

Does HSE Workflows provide Turnkey processes for Projects?

Yes. Onboarding, Administration, Reporting and Distribution workflow design and implementation for your next project, HSE Workflows works with projects of all sizes and requirements. All of our processes are designed to be project friendly, with turnkey application.

Can HSE Workflows migrate my paper system to digital?

Yes. HSE Workflows can migrate a paper based program to a cloud based digital platform. We'll take your current documentation, rewrite on a digital platform, build the forms you require, load a database for your workers and equipment, and help your team implement the platform with your workers.

Hello Structure, Goodbye Stress!

By developing customized workflows, you'll achieve;

  • Optimization of your HSE resources
  • Eliminate administrative "Busywork"
  • Accurately generate monthly reporting KPI's
  • Communicate through automated alerts
  • Compliance of Audit elements

Turnkey Services

Information Portals

The Problem: Information Requests

Your day is filled with replying to requests regarding current forms, schedules, plans and permits. You're struggling to ensure stakeholders are working with the current, updated information.

The Symptoms: You're constantly being asked,...

  • Where's the permit for...?
  • Can you send me a copy of that form?
  • What ERP version is the current one?
  • Where do I find the Visitor Orientation form?
  • Where can I get a copy of the Safety Meeting minutes?
  • The Solution: Build an Information Portal

    Have one point of truth for your project information where workers, supervisors, subcontractors and visitors can review and download documents online. 

    Permits, plans, ERP updates, inspection forms, meeting minutes, schedules,...

    Update in the administration area, communicate the message project wide.

    Eliminate the constant requests for current forms, permits, plans and documentation.

    Information Portal is hosted by HSE Workflows, no software to purchase and you control all documentation that's posted.

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    Project Onboarding

    The Problem: Rapid growth vs Compliance

    Project onboarding creates challenges for administrative staff who must gather certifications, schedule orientations and training, distribute lists of available workers to site and more. This is usually attempted using the same process and tools that the company uses for internal onboarding, often leading to siloed files, fragmented information and confusion.

    The Symptoms: You're asking why ,...

    • Worker's are sent to site without proper certifications
    • Workers have wrong certification levels
    • Multiple lists exist for onboarded workers
    • Due diligence is hard to surface for each worker
    • Scheduling is constantly revised between office and site

    The Solution: Inhouse vs Outsourced

    Why ask your team to onboard workers at an accelerated rate without having a structured approach and the required tools?

    HSE Workflows has a developed 3 phase system that's prebuilt and specific to onboarding. Using automated online workflows, we stage new workers, acquire and verify the required worker certifications, schedule orientations and pre-access testing. All the information is surfaced onto a permission based portal that is available to supervisors and management instantly.

    Safety Platform Migration

    The Problem: Paper system vs Digital system

    With a paper based system, you'll be forced to recognize that your system has a built in time delay due to having to distribute forms, have staff complete and submit, compile the forms and gather, summarize and report what information you can from them.

    This process will contain issues such as availability of current forms; illegible entries; incomplete entries, submission availability; requirements for submission; re-entry of data for reporting, formatting issues,... 

    The Solution: Lose the paper, let's get digital!

    HSE Workflows offers a service to transfer your paper based documentation to SiteDocs, a cloud based digital platform that is rated one of the highest in customer satisfaction by H&S managers across North America.

    Together we'll build your forms, upload to the SiteDocs platform and implement the system with your workers.

    Training for the operation of the system is simple and we've been involved with clients from numerous sectors with employees of all ages and abilities!

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    Was pivotal in supporting the accelerated growth of our company,... "

    The rare ability to utilize decades of experience and implement those learnings into functional automated workflows and client-based reporting are what I believe allowed us to be successful from not only a Health and Safety perspective but a project perspective. Overall, the Health and Safety program allowed us to save time and money in its implementation while having the intangible benefit of improving safety for our workers.

    ANTHONY DEL MASTRO, P.ENG.  //  Project Management Professional

    Digital Program Automation

    If you want to learn how to design and implement a scalable, digital HSMS, we've developed an online course that will lead you through the elements and how to revamp your current system.

    You won't find 200+ "training courses" for sale here, but you will find courses on how to plan, develop, implement and administer workflows in your program.


    We'll review the required elements, purpose of each and build a complete Risk Register, which serves as the foundation for your safety program.

    Included resources include online meetings, templates and workbooks that allow you to customize your program with your specific requirements!

    By the end of this course, you'll have a complete working HSMS foundation that will drive your program.