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We've put together a comprehensive guide for building an HSE Risk Register. It contains the 5 required elements that you'll need to build a Formal Hazard Assessment masterlist.

You'll find a Step by Step pathway and what issues to watch for when developing each.   

How to build "One Point of Truth" specific to your operations, eliminating versions of documents, filing issues and the stress associated with administration of a HSE program. 

  • Revealed: The five steps that will result in your program having a solid foundation to operate from that ensures a structured approach and clarity. 
  • How to Avoid the anxiety of running a reactive safety program and become proactive through assembly of a structured formal hazard assessment process.
  • Tips for Eliminating issues that will surface as the project matures, before they affect your program.

This guide will teach you:

5 Steps of Building a Risk Register

Ownership, Purpose of, Responsibility to create and tips for working with each.

4 Benefits of a Risk Register

Training criteria, Competency checks, New Worker programs, Equipment issues

3 Outputs of a Risk Register

Easily develop a Critical Task List, Training Matrix and Safe Work Practices that are aligned with your hazard assessments

Management Processes

Plan, develop and implement a "system" that optimizes your available resources, specific to your HSE program.

What others are saying about the author:

"Was pivotal in supporting the accelerated growth of our company,..."

The rare ability to utilize decades of experience and implement those learnings into functional automated workflows and client-based reporting are what I believe allowed us to be successful from not only a Health and Safety perspective but a project perspective. Overall, the Health and Safety program allowed us to save time and money in its implementation while having the intangible benefit of improving safety for our workers.

Anthony Del Mastro, P.Eng.  //  Project Management Professional

"His suggestions for improvement to Michels Canada hazard assessment process have made the way we conduct hazard assessments more efficient and consistent in our organization."

Doug has an excellent attention to detail and has a great ability to look at a current flow or how a companies safety program is applied and improve it by applying process and logic.

Shannon Caron  //  Director, Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Michels Canada

"The dynamic benefit of the health and safety program was the collaboration it had between the field and office that allowed the entire organization to function as one team."

The implementation of custom workflows and health and safety management systems ensured that both the Client requirements was exceeded and that the Company saved on resource costs and time.

Stavros Salmas, P.Eng. //  Project Management Professional

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