HSE Program Management || Paper vs Cloud Platform

The Problem:

Paper Based vs Cloud Based Systems

With a paper based system, you'll be forced to recognize that your system has a built in time delay due to having to distribute forms, have staff complete and submit, compile the forms and gather, summarize and report what information you can from them.

This process will contain issues such as availability of current forms; illegible entries; incomplete entries, submission availability; requirements for submission; re-entry of data for reporting, formatting issues,...

A Digital system, while not a perfect solution, comes with the advantage of being able to instill "One Point of Truth" for these issues. Having the ability to control the forms being available, creating mandatory fields, automatic filing and ability to review a filtered report will enhance your program and build value into your operations. 

The Symptoms:

 You're struggling with paper, if...

You're constantly having to search for documentation that's stored in outdated binders.
When incidents occur, you go into panic mode because you have to engage everyone to stop what they're doing and gather documentation.

Audit time brings an increased anxiety level throughout the team.

Your crews are submitting forms that have little value due to missing or illegible entries.

You have a delay in receiving completed forms and this causes administration to miss reporting deadlines of stakeholders.

You're not really sure of your KPI summary numbers and would have a hard time surfacing supporting documents or explaining how you arrived at the numbers posted.

The Solution:

Lose the paper, let's get digital!

Moving your program onto a digital platform won't solve all your problems, but it will allow you to raise your program to a higher level of efficiency!
HSE Workflows offers a service to transfer your paper based documentation to SiteDocs, a cloud based digital platform that is rated one of the highest in customer satisfaction by H&S managers across North America.
Together we'll build your forms, upload to the SiteDocs platform and implement the system with your workers.
Training for the operation of the system is simple and we've been involved with clients from numerous sectors with employees of all ages and abilities!

The Results:

Build Confidence in your Program

By digitizing your H&S program, you'll realize the advantages that include:

  • Standardization of forms
  • Version control of documentation
  • Audit documents easily surfaced
  • Document distribution is simplified

Doug has an excellent attention to detail and has a great ability to look at a current flow or how a companies safety program is applied and improve it by applying process and logic.

If you’re struggling with how you can use technology to help advance your HSE program, then Doug most certainly can help you advance this forward.

Shannon Caron,

Director,(HSE) Michels Canada

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