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safety programs are designed to satisfy three Main Objectives:

  1. Due Diligence- The documentation records that show your program is satisfying it's legal requirements.
  2. Certification-This shows your clients you have a program that meets certification requirements of a particular body.
  3. Employee Guidance- The policies and procedures of "How we operate".

The Problem: HSE elements vs HSE systems

Most programs are assembled with little planning for how the elements that make up the program will function as a whole. Designing a management system isn't the priority when building a program, rather the focus is placed on gathering the required elements.

Once all elements are in place and certification is obtained, now reality sets in that the elements haven't been assembled to work as a whole, but rather to produce individual outputs. 

These outputs will be documentation or data, in an assortment of formats, obtained from multiple inputs and required for numerous reports and KPI's. 

You've moved from assembling the required elements to managing the outputs and realize that you don't have workflows and processes built into your HSMS.   

The Symptoms: You're struggling with elements, not monitoring a system

    You're tired of the anxiety of operating a "Reactive" program where you're constantly updating, reworking and re-entering your safety data to meet requirements?

    Frustrated by having to constantly search for documents that are scattered throughout files and folders with multiple versions being used and no control over inputs and revisions?

    Struggling to assemble and report to stakeholders, auditors and compliance sites?

The Solution: How do you build a Health and Safety Management System

You already have the required elements, but you have to configure their outputs so that they work together.  

We specialize in building structured, scalable health and safety processes that are unique to each client, optimized to produce meaningful results when and where you need them.

We design and develop workflows using the elements that you currently have in place, or if required, develop and implement a system that connects all your current platforms together!

HSE Workflows was developed to address issues involved

with Health and Safety program management

We don't sell safety "programs", safety software or market 200+ "training" modules.

We help clients Optimize their current HSE programs!

With over 35 years of construction experience, we're able to foresee issues that will occur throughout each phase of your program management and develop workflows that minimize these pain points. 

 "Been there, done that"!

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